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17 June, 2024 - Monday

Infrared thermal cameras produce visible images if invisible infrared or "heat" radiation provides a precise non-contact temperature measurement on the surface of the object.

Example: Example:
visual image of a switch board thermal image of the switch board
    The benefits of thermography:
  • precisely determined cause of the failure,
  • elimination of unplanned downtimes,
  • increased machinery uptime and efficiency,
  • planned maintenance and repairs,
  • optimal utilization of man power and spare parts,
  • reduced energy consumption and energy loss,
  • reduced insurance costs,
  • reduced tension which results from unreliable production conditions.

Thermal infrared cameras can be used to inspect:

electrical systems/machines (transformers, electric motors, fuses, converters, switches)
mechanical defects (bearings, couplings, gear boxes, lubricating systems)
insulations (driers, pipelines,determine the level in tanks)
buildings, facilities, roofs (heat insulation, roof moisture, leaks)

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