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17 June, 2024 - Monday


Vibration diagnostics

    Vibration diagnostics provide the detection of mechanical defects of rotating parts (fans, pumps, compressors, turbines, generators, gear boxes, etc...). The measuring of vibration levels can be done during normal operation of the machine without dismounting. Some of the possible defects can be:
  • unbalance of rotating parts,
  • atrition of some components mainly as a result of worn-out bearings,
  • misalligned shaft and belts,
  • component degradation from non-optimal operation of the machines,
  • flexibility problems caused by deficient construction or foundation etc.


Thermal infrared cameras provide precise non-contact temperature measurement on the surface of the object.

    Thermal infrared cameras can be used to inspect:
  • electrical systems/machines (transformers, electric motors, fuses, converters, switches)
  • mechanical defects (bearings, couplings, gear boxes, lubricating systems)
  • insulations (driers, pipelines, determine the level in tanks)
  • buildings, facilities, roofs (heat insulation, roof moisture, leaks)


Shaft alignment

Shaft alignment is the positioning of the rotational centers of two or more shafts so that they are co-linear when the machines are under normal operating conditions.

    The benefits of accurate alignment:
  • decreased vibration levels,
  • reduced energy consumption,
  • increased life of bearings,
  • reduced wear on seals and stress on coupling etc.

Laser alignment is the most accurate and efficient method to eliminate misalignment of couplings, shafts etc.

In-place balancing

Balancing is done during the normal operation of the machine, without dismembering or removing the unbalanced component from the machine. This saves time and money.

    We are doing in-place balancing in
  • single plane and
  • multiplane.

Belt/chain drive alignment

Belt alignment is needed when the driving and the driven machines' pulleys are not laying in the same plane.

    The benefits of an accurately aligned belt/chain drive:
  • reduced vibrations and belt noise,
  • reduced energy consumption,
  • increased lifetime of bearings, drive belts and components,
  • reduced wear on pulleys etc.

Laser alignment of belt/chain drives provide a simple, quick and effective technique to accurate alignment.

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